Ribbon-cutting ceremony in DAYEH
Ribbon-cutting ceremony in DAYEH

  Our manager and colleagues participated the ribbon-cutting ceremony that CHEN SHIN stationed in DAYEH University on May 11, and we cooperate with Po Hsien Li professor to research nutritious fruits and vegetables food to fit elderly and Vegetarian the instant food. Elderly can’t eat too salt or sweet with physiologic changed because their swallowed function would reduce. If we can check the food they swallowed, it can decrease the disease. (Picture 1&2)(Part of the content from 20170513 chinatimes.com)

  Our manager, participated the event of production and cooperation &consultant ceremony, aim the demand of industrial research and cultivate talent to discuss. The principal, Jerry J.R. Ou issued the certificate to consultant, he hoped it can integrate industry and academia to build new cooperation mode. Through the presentation or communication with manufacturers, it can promote technique and field to cooperate, and become the help for permanent development. (Picture 3&4)(Part of the content from 20170511 money.udn.com )


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